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We would like to outline the facts concerning the possible provision of new exercise equipment for adults and older children.

·        New equipment for adults and older children was requested by parishioners who replied to the Community Led Plan survey carried out in 2017 and this is the reason we are investigating its provision;

·        At the present time, The Ease as a site for any new equipment has not been voted on and is not, therefore, the agreed site for any such equipment. The Ease is merely an area that has been suggested;

·        If, in the future, we decide to formally consider The Ease or any other area within the parish, there will be a full consultation exercise of all parishioners, with no further decisions being made until opinions are received. Naturally, if a consultation shows a majority objection to any site, the project will not proceed.

·        Whatever location is chosen (if one is chosen at all), parishioners are assured that it will be maintained properly and that any problems such as antisocial behaviour etc., will be addressed swiftly;

·        The Ease has been referred to as a “memorial garden”, on numerous occasions. At the time of creation, The Ease was designated as an open space for parishioners to use how they want but not specifically as a “memorial garden”.

If you have any questions or require further information, please email the Parish Clerk at

Thank you.